953MLSL shovel logger tackling wetland and soft ground moving felled trees

Shovel Loggers

Whether on a steep-slope or in a swamp, John Deere Shovel Loggers offer configurations to tackle your challenging conditions. The 953ML Shovel Logger is equipped to help you maneuver the muck of swamps or wetlands, tacking challenging job sites with its powerful live heel, durable track system and comfort-boosting operator station. If your jobsite has you facing an uphill battle, the 959ML, with factory-installed shovel logger and directional feller configurations, can help you dig through those sleep-slopes.

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246 kW (330 hp)

11.00 m (36 ft. 1 in.) 

322 kN (72,300 lbf)

110,174 Nm (81,260 lb.-ft.)

 3.18 m (10 ft. 5 in.)

246 kW (330 hp)

10.34 (33 ft. 11 in.) – Directional Feller

11.00m (36 ft. 1 in.) – Live Heel Shovel Logger

373 kN (83,880 lbf)

110,170 Nm (81,260 lb.-ft.)

3.18 m (10 ft. 5 in.)

Forestry & Logging Technology Solutions

A Tablet featuring JDLink sits next to a smartphone featuring JDLink


JDLink, the core component of Precision Forestry, enables you to manage your entire fleet from your desktop or mobile device and gives you anytime remote access to machine hours and location, fuel consumption, idle time, maintenance reminders, and more.

Screenshot of TimberMatic Maps program on a machine monitor

Precision Forestry

TimberMaticTM Maps and TimberManagerTM are map-based production-planning and -tracking systems that make up Precision Forestry. They allow contractors and operators alike to share real time production and location information – taking the guesswork out of effective decision-making.

Precision Forestry Technology

Get more work done more efficiently through our suite of precision forestry solutions.

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Stay up and running and lower your costs by making the most of our world-class dealer network. 




You need a finance team that gets in the trenches to learn about your entire operation – not just your credit score.

Additional Equipment

Loaders, road-clearing machines, forestry heads and used equipment to round out your lineup.